It is possible to get a dream silhouette with a single outfit that fits all morphologies. For some time now, a trend has emerged, the BBL jacket is now totally commonplace and popular with all women.

Adopt your BBL Jacket!

 A naturally sublimated silhouette, as if you had undergone the “Brazilian Butt Lift” procedure

bbl jacket bleu

… naturally sublimated


Silhouette in 8

Transform your silhouette as if you had made a bbl, the jacket adapts to all morphology.



Breathability allows air to circulate through the jacket to wick away perspiration, while maintaining thermal insulation.



BBL jackets are also often waterproof and windproof, making them ideal for outdoor activities and sports.

BBL Jacket for your Silhouette

On trend for the past few months, our BBL Jacket is the piece you need to own if you’re craving the figure 8.

Who is wearing the BBL jacket?

BBL jackets are generally worn by people who want to enhance their figure but also people who are involved in outdoor activities and sports. BBL jackets are also popular with people looking for a versatile jacket for everyday activities.

BBL Jacket: Worn by the Kardashian Sisters

It’s true that the Kardashian sisters have helped popularize BBL jackets, including wearing them during their media appearances and promoting them on their social networks.

BBL jackets have become a staple in their wardrobe, and have been seen on them in a variety of situations from their personal to professional lives.

The Kardashian sisters are Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Recognized as television personalities, celebrities and American businesswomen. Their influence in fashion and popular culture has helped popularize BBL jackets among their fans and target audience.

We love our customers!


“The bbl vest is like the picture, the material is perfect, I’m 5’9″ and it fits well. In the arms it’s right on but otherwise I really like it and I don’t think it fits everyone.”

Jennifer Rose, France


“Fits true to size (I went with S and not too tight thanks to the stretchy fabric)”

Jeanne Laurent, Paris

“Nice material.”

“Nice material, really good quality. To wear it close to the body I recommend, I have a big bust but it fits like a glove I’m a fan of the bbl jacket !”

Claire, Marseille

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